How big should a windshield crack be before you repair or replace it?

cracked windshield

In truth, you should never for once think you can manage a chop or a crack on your windshield because no matter how small it is it grows every day. A little distortion, a little wrong judgment and you have been involved in an accident and you would have yourself to blame.

How big should a windshield crack be before you repair or replace it?

This can be answered in two ways, a short way, and a long way. The short answer is simply “a quarter” the long answer would be depending on certain factors. It could be more than a quarter but with little depth or with so much depth and less than a quarter. Here are some of the conditions you should be looking at when your windshield is cracked or chipped and this should guide you on making the decision to go for a new windshield or if you should just carry on.


This is, of course, the first criteria to look at and this partially takes into consideration other parameters too. When your glass has a chip which is less than a quarter, then it can easily be repaired, the same thing goes for cracks which she 3 inches long.

There have been certain specified limits and all this depends on the degree and level of damage. There is an upper limit for the chip being three inches and the cracks which are up to 14 inches.


This is also a very important factor to consider. The location in which the damage occurs has a great impact in telling if it is time to repair or replace the windshield. If it is in the driver’s line of sight, then it is ready for repairs and if it is very large, it should simply be replaced. As a matter of fact, if there is windshield damage on the driver’s line of sight, there should not be any repair and this should go straight to replacement. This is because when repair is done, a glass is used to cover the cracked areas and this usually isn’t perfect as there are some levels of distortion in the view which could lead to wrong judgment and then accident.


This is size but in depth. It describes how deep the chip or crack is and not necessarily how wide. If the damage of a windshield is so deep that it passes through the outer and the inner layer of the glass, then this is straight for replacement and not even repairs. If it is not this bad not half this bad and it still meets the above criteria, then it is enough to go on with.

Windshield cracks and chips

They never remain the same. With every passing day that little chip and crack grows. Once you notice a crack or a chip, you should already start making arrangements for a repair or replacement if need be. The cracks will grow and the chip will get worse.