Top 5 industries targeted by criminals in Houston in 2020?

Houston is a place full of industries and different ones at that. No matter the industry you are in, you need to pay attention to your commercial security. Here are the Top 5 industries targeted by criminals in Houston in 2020?


One of the most targeted industries by Houston criminals now is artworks and they target the artwork specifically in homes of affluent people. These artworks are really pricy and slashing the price just a little will create high demand even when the price is still a whole lot more. They make use of social media to target these artworks. There has been a price on the head of criminals who decide to go into this line of crime as anyone who can help with someone who takes part in this crime would be rewarded with fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). These criminals use social media to find the homes with this art and they bugle the home and steal this expensive art


This is a major one. Many of the biggest criminal attacks have occurred in the health sector and this is one of the major industries attacked by criminals. Many times they run into pharmacies and steal drugs, other times they use a cyber attack, leaking information worth millions. The worst experienced example of this occurred in the year 2015 when 3 n of the seven world’s largest breaches occurred in the health sector. This breach affected a total of 78.8 million people

The financial sector

This was number 1 at some point but they have done a great work in securing this sector as just a little breach can mean millions of dollars lost. This doesn’t mean criminals have given up on trying to break this security down and breach this sector. Criminals try to get in banks to launch a cyber attack on them so as to leak information to the public or wire money out of it. They also target individuals trying to hack into their bank cards and transfer money out of their accounts. This is easier than attacking the whole bank though. The finance sector has spent as much as 1.5billion on the battling of cybercrimes alone.

The manufacturing industry

In the past, it was about who was going to pay attention first? Would the manufacturers pay attention to the lack of optimum security against this sector, or will the criminals pay attention to the lack of optimum security and take advantage of this. Unfortunately, the criminals did first. The criminals have paid attention to how attractive and yet vulnerable this industry is and they are taking advantage of it. Cybercriminals are also harnessing this opportunity to their fill.


This is to be expected. Technology is one of the most attacked industries right now. And it doesn’t even have to be directly from a tech business. People steal laptops and computers from homes and warehouses. Break into companies and steal any tech they can lay their hands on and let us not forget the cybercriminals. They have poised more danger in this sector then even the physical theft, hacking into devices and gathering information which could be worth millions if not taken care of.…

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